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 Interview With Alex [ Rot-Weiß Ahlen ]

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PostSubject: Interview With Alex [ Rot-Weiß Ahlen ]   Sun 15 Apr 2012, 00:06

H’W: First of all I would kindly ask you to introduce yourself.
I’m 21 years old and Fan of Rot-Weiß Ahlen (5th Division in Germany). When I was 8 years old I saw my first match in stadium and since the day I was at the most matches of RWA.

H’W: What Ultras Group are you in and how did you get in it?

I’m one of the founders of the group “Tribuna Unida” but in no Ultras Group in the moment. I left the group a few months ago, because there were not enough activities in it. A few members founded a new group names “Compadres” and a few further members like me are in no group currently. But all Supporters and Ultras in our sector in the stadium stand behind one banner and name (Block G). Block G is the name of our sector but it is not a real group, it is a collective name for all of us.

H'W: How many members are there and are there more new recruits?
We played every year in the third or second Division from 1996 to 2011. Our Club has no money and so we must go down in the 5TH Division. Now we have got 6 Points after 25 matches and there are not many attractive teams in the Division. In the moment there are just 50, 60 persons in Block G and no new recruits in the last months. I hope for a better season next year, because in the last 3 years and 6 months we won just 20 matches and with those results it is very hard to have a good support.

H'w: Tell us the history about your group and how was it created.
We founded “Tribuna Unida” in 2008. Before this we went together to the matches, but not as a real group. There were experiments in the past to found a group, but they all failed. As we founded “Tribuna Unida” we went from Block K to Block G and our support and choreos were better than ever before. After the founding of the new Ultras Group and a few members of “Tribuna Unida” left the group the whole scene is represented under the name Block G.

H’W: What is the political view of your group?
Every member has got his own political view. The groups are not political. A few people from other clubs call us Jews or Antifa, but the collective not on the left and not on the right wing.

H’W: Who are your enemies and friends?
- SV Lippstadt (6th Divison)
- FC Heidenheim (3rd Divison)
- A small club from Greece, but I don’t call the name yet, because it is just the beginning of the friendship
- SV Beckum (the first derby since 16 years will be on 10 May)
- SC Preußen Münster
- FC Gütersloh
- SC Paderborn (Paderborn hates us. We don’t like them, but we aren’t very interested in them)

H'W: What’s your relation with the police? Are the police strict in your country? What laws are there against Ultras in your country?
In the past we had a lot of problems with the police. The advantage of the low division is that there a not so much cops and we have more freedom than before.
In my opinion the police in Germany are strict, but not so much like in other countries in Europe. The problem is that the police men can do what they want without consequences. If a person files charges against the police, the police become right from public prosecutor or the court. But this is not just an Ultras problem.
A big problem in Germany is the stadium ban for a few years. A lot of Fans got it for small things or without they done something.
In the last months the football association (DFB) often banned supporters of the visitor, but a lot of visitors bought tickets for the home sector (for example 500 Fans of Dynamo Dresden in Frankfurt, over 1000 Frankfurt Fans in Berlin, Cologne Fans in Hoffenheim and so on) and so the DFB saw that they can’t enforce it and they said that they will don’t ban visitors in the future. In the last month were a few matches without fans (home and visitor), too.

H'W: What kind of choreography does your group normally make, show us some pictures and explain?
We use choreos to motivate our team and to show that we love the City and the Club.

H’W: How do you organize everything? Like songs, away games and choreographies, marketing etc?
We are a small scene and so everyone with good ideas (choreos, songs, merchandise etc.) can say it and we see what the other people say about it.
Before away games we vote the way arrival (bus or train). If we vote for a tour by bus there is one person who organize it with the bus company and another person organize the sale of drinks in the bus.

H’W: Does your group come up with fights often, if yes, with who?
Sometimes it comes to fights at match day.

H’W: Can you tell us about the ultras movement in your country?
The Ultras do most of the atmospheric in Germany. They do choreos and directing the support. Unfortunately Ultras are a big trend in Germany and so a lot of wannabes say they were Ultras especially in big scenes.

H’W: Do you think is true that Ultras slowly disappearing from the stadiums and why?
It is difficult to answer. I think a lot of football associations and politician feel threatened from the Ultras therefore they fight and confine Ultras. I can’t say if Ultras are disappearing or not, but in the next years Ultras will not disappeared.

H’W: The City can be something very special for a fan, what do you think of your city?
I love my city. Ahlen is a small town with a population of 53000 people. In the region are a lot of big cities and a lot big and better football clubs. It is a little bit like in the comics of Asterix with the little village and the Roman army. We know every street and every place in our city and we will never exchange it.

H’W: What is your opinion of the ultras movement in Europe and around the world, which scene do you view the best and which scene has a good development?
I think you can’t answer this question. The people in the different countries have got a different mentality. I like the atmosphere in South America, Greece, Balkan etc. because the Fans are very fanatical, but mostly I like the atmosphere in British stadiums from the past.
I think a good development is in Asia. There are grown Ultras in a few countries and they have a good support and nice choreos.

H’W: Lastly, any advice you want to give to the ultras and the users of this forum?
Be loyal to your city and your club and do your own thing.

Give back football to the working class!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Alex [ Rot-Weiß Ahlen ]   Wed 13 Jun 2012, 20:29

Nice interview ! :beer

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Alex DeLarge

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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Alex [ Rot-Weiß Ahlen ]   Thu 20 Sep 2012, 21:55

LOKO wrote:
Nice interview ! :beer


Thank You
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PostSubject: Re: Interview With Alex [ Rot-Weiß Ahlen ]   

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Interview With Alex [ Rot-Weiß Ahlen ]

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